Presentation of the ART LABORATORIES
with the artists:
Tino Bittner, Astrid Brünner, Matthias Dettmann, Drittvariable (Lena Biesalski, Felix Fugenzahn,  [...more]
"The artists were asked to deal with "insights and outlooks, insights and prospects, but also with views and ways  [...more]
Spazio Sv is hosting the exhibition project THE DREAM, which deals with environmental issues and examines the admonishing role  [...more]
Saturday, April 30, 2022
16 - 23 pm opening with topping-out ceremony [...more]
DIONISIO GONZÁLEZ Wittgensteins Cabin
29 Apr – 30 Jul 2022
Opening | Fri 29 Apr 2022 | 6 –  [...more]
Redraw Tragedy

| artistic handling of serious events, catastrophes and tragedies |

“The world is full  [...more]
In an interview with Elena Philipp and Christian Rakow, Adrienne Goehler and Manuel Rivera from the Potsdam Institute for  [...more]