Habibi Almani feat. Bernadette La Hengst play their (love)songs from a fleeting world

On Saturday, the 13th of june at 12 am in Refugium Askanierring 71 and at 8 pm open air in Podewil theatre (Klosterstr. 68) at the festival INTERVENTIONEN, organized by Kulturprojekte

How does a love song to the new home Berlin sound, how one can sing about the loved left behind in Damaskus, why does a Kurdish Syrian call himself Joseph and what is the Arabic word for at home?

Habibi Almani (darling germany) play their Euroriental songs with sax, our, electric guitar, darbuka and lots of singing.
„Habibi, Habibi, can’t you see, what I feel,
Habibi, Habibi, come and give me asyl.
Habibi, Habibi, you just want to have fun,
Habibi, Habibi, but I want german pass."

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