ETF! artist Dodi Reifenberg at ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROSE

When: Friday 12th of June at 5pm (local time)
Where: Woelckpromenade 6, 13086 Berlin (Weißensee)

ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROSE is an exhibition done in solidarity with the hospital Waldfriede. Its aim is to enable women, who have suffered genital mutilation, to be treated. 50% of the proceeds of every sold work go directly to the hospital. The artists decide what to do with the remaining proceeds.

Opening times:
Friday, 12th of June 5pm - 11pm
Saturday 13th of June 2pm - 8pm
Sunday 14th of June 2pm - 8pm

More information here: www.krankenhaus-waldfriede.de/krankenhaus/index.php?id=313 From 

We are not only working on a new exhibition station, but also on a new website.
More information will follow.

Meanwhile you can browse through our exhibition archive or read Aesthetic Experience and Sustainable Development - Case Study ETF! in Valparaiso .


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