ZuhauseKraftwerk – Schwarmstrom – by Lichtblick

The local block heating power plant produces on the basis of natural gas heat for one’s own use, or feed the so-called >swarm electricity< into the public network, and it is an examples that should be followed. The small power stations, controlled through radio, interconnected. 100,000 of these local block heating power plants could produce as much electricity as two nuclear power plants. The Plexiglas cube represents the volume of an at-home-power station, the explosion model represents all parts of the power station. Output: 20kW electrically, 34 kW thermally, efficiency factor: 90%.

Ministerpräsident McAllister gibt Startschuss für ZuhauseKraftwerke in Niedersachsen
VW baut Mini-Kraftwerke für Lichtblick (Video)

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