Alejandro Jaime – HUAYHUASH

Alejandro Jaime
Born 1978
lives and works in Lima


"Inwieweit ändert sich unsere Vorstellung von Landschaft, wenn das, was wir als Natur erachten, inzwischen einem schnellen und fortlaufendem Wandel unterliegt ?“

Alejandro Jaime: Proyecto Nevados

The “Project Nevados“ aims to explore specific ice peak territories that physically expose these kind of changes; making them visible through art. It seeks to bring a discussion to the table on how art should be set as a Landscape; the new territories transformed by human activity.
The artistic look at the territory, the landscape, serves to assimilate and build our reality and allows to develop an imagi- nary that gives us a different views, reflections and inquiries to our environment. These are linked to our emotional world, collective affections and the construction of our sense of identity and belonging, as well as the way in which we express, interpret and sublimate it.
The modification of the current geography due to climate change and industrial development is the birth of a new territory around us that we must learn to see with the eyes of landscape, with all that that implies.
The “Project Nevados“ is the result of a process of several years of observation and experience in the snowy mountains of the Peruvian Andes – the world largest tropical glacier mass – and shows the changes in the interest generated during the process.
The project began with the will to create representations documenting those snowy landscapes in the process of disappearing. Later, after travels and walking around these areas and with the respective recorded material, our interest will focus on the tracks that begin to make the transformation of this landscape visible, ie, the thawed areas of these ice peaks.
This set of oil paintings allude to the legitimization of such territories in flux as Landscape category. Conditions established via the discipline of painting show the new features of these territories that are beginning to be discovered with the passage of time; either by natural causes or by the acceleration produced by human interference.
From there arises the relevance to direct our first glimpses of Landscape towards an environment that is no longer the same, and to project new meaning onto this new Landscape, which is starting to take shape.

The Cordillera Huayhuash lies in the Andes of Peru.

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