Güntzel’s main concern is to find ways to make the anthropogenic
pollution of the seas and the presence of sculpture in
our everyday life visible with the means of art and to bring it
back into the consciousness of the viewer. Her artistic approach
stems from a deeply rooted aesthetic position that explores the
essential dichotomy between visual pleasure and disturbing
global issues. Your work is a disturbing critique of modern life
in the 21st century.
She moves conceptually in different media such as performance,
object, embroidery, installation, photography and video.

The work DISCOUNTER STILL LIFE II is part of a photographic
series for which Swaantje Güntzel reinterpreted in a
contemporary way still lifes of well-known Dutch painters, here
'Pronkstillleven with fruit and fowl' (1651) by the Dutch Sillleben
painter Abraham Hendricksz. van Beyeren by rearranging
the food used according to today’s consumer habits.