Dana Levy – Emerging from the Swamp

This work was conceived during an artist residency in the Everglades. The remains of a European explorer’s studio are staged submerged in the swamp in the Everglades. Antique artifacts: a desk, bookshelves, maps, collected shells and skulls, and a globe, all appear semi-submerged in the mosquito infested swamp. The fate of the explorer is left as a mystery. The video and photos were shot by the artist sitting in a canoe in the swamp. In the video a snake slithers across the table.

Dana Levy (Israel) lives and works in New York, USA.


19th ETF! station in Haifa and Jerusalem, Israel
02.09.2021 - 30.11.2021


Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem: Wednesday 01/09/2021, 7pm

Pyramida Art Center, Haifa: Thursday, 02/09/2021, 8pm

In cooperation with Museum on the Seam

Supported by
Auswärtiges Amt


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