Henrik Håkansson – Mar. 31,2010

Henrik Håkansson

The sky could here be seen as an element of freedom, out there I search. In there, I observe and document, dedicated to the movements of flights, the patterns and formations that are generated, directed organized or randomly organized within groups of moving animals. It might just be the poetry in motion, the dances that appeal, the chorus line syndrome. It might as well be undefined communication that directs relations to world politics and environmental cycles, the swarm intelligence or the butterfly effect, that generates this search, or just the swarm itself. In the general aspect of swarming, the function or reason is perhaps based on the sustainability and reproduction of its own kind, survival. It might so be interesting to think that the one great aspect and function of the natural world is based on the ability to reproduce. To maintain and to extend the existence and to create new movements and patterns distributed through all elements. In this sense, the words of reproduction seem to be the main part of a system in constant progress. This is in fight with itself as a whole based on a competition to create possibilities of infinity within the full aspect of the diversity of species and other environmental elements, where all parts try to generate their own best, with or without success
Henrik Håkansson

We want to thank everyone who helped to make the 18th venue in Erfurt possible!

18. ZNE! Station ERFURT (Germany)

Duration: 28.7.2019 to 22.9.2019

Pictures from the exhibition in Erfurt here!


We mourn our friend and benefactor, the artist and philosopher Prince Rudolf zur Lippe, who died on 6 September 2019.

He made thoughts dance and people move.

During the exhibition in Erfurt, which shows works from the cycle "Learning from the Birds" in the church of the Augustinian monastery, he wanted to talk to us about it and how it is linked to Goethe and Alexander von Humboldt.

We will miss him greatly, not only there.


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