Sonia Guggisberg – Bolhas

A cycle takes place in the work of Sonia Guggisberg. It is a cycle of water that, having sprung from a water table, flows on, spills, evaporates, and floods the exhibition venue. Most often, this water is created by light—in videos projected onto space. Here, both light and water are elements that guide the senses; they promote interaction, dialogue, and encounter. These are for the artist art materials that intervene in urban spaces, a quest to restore collective instances and activate social practices.
Guggisberg’s investigation is an exercise of perception that demonstrates just how desertification—this process of environmental regression—also affects social life. The artist’s interventions and video installations are micropolitical actions that seek the reactivation of such values as affection, belonging, bonding, and heritage.
Text: Paula Alzugaray

Sonia Guggisberg, born 1964 in São Paulo, Brazil, lives and works there.

We want to thank everyone who helped to make the 18th venue in Erfurt possible!

18. ZNE! Station ERFURT (Germany)

Duration: 28.7.2019 to 22.9.2019

Pictures from the exhibition in Erfurt here!


We mourn our friend and benefactor, the artist and philosopher Prince Rudolf zur Lippe, who died on 6 September 2019.

He made thoughts dance and people move.

During the exhibition in Erfurt, which shows works from the cycle "Learning from the Birds" in the church of the Augustinian monastery, he wanted to talk to us about it and how it is linked to Goethe and Alexander von Humboldt.

We will miss him greatly, not only there.


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