In Flooded McDonald’s a true-to-life replica of the interior of a McDonald’s restaurant gradually floods with water—no customers or staff are present. Slowly, the water level rises until eventually the space becomes completely submerged. Tables and chairs are lifted, glossy French fries float adrift, and a lightweight fiberglass Ronald McDonald bobs up and down on the water surface. The source and the reason of the threat are unseen, but it is certain that there is no escape. Emphasizing this dramatic build-up, Flooded McDonald’s makes use of the editing and camerawork of Hollywood disaster movies, and creates a haunting examination of the consequences of consumerism.

The silkscreen prints are symbols of events that will take place in the future, and the works act as tickets for the event as described on the individual print.
The events are hypnosis sessions in which the climate changes will be experienced in the eyes of an animal. Each event will have 5 participants. The years selected are milestones in global climate change agreements between various parties, such as G8, UN, and EU, and the sites are all in some level related to the topic of climate change.

18. ZNE VENUE in Erfurt | Germany

Saturday 27. July 2019, 5:00pm__
DURATION: 28.7.2019-22.9.2019_

Galerie Waidspeicher und _______
_________Kulturhof zum Güldenen
Michaelisstraße 10 - 99084 Erfurt

Augustinerkloster _____________
Augustinerstraße 10, 99084 Erfurt

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