Ethiopia | Addis Abeba 04.-24.05.2012 – Opening 3rd of May 2012!

Goethe-Institut, Addis Ababa , © nk
Voices about the exhibition

"I was so amazed to see all this kinds of works they are so stunning each and every thing makes a very deep sence. It really will make us think again about the moves that we are going to make after this." Tehetena

"So different and full of Freedom" Muluken

"I am very happy to see the western installation art. It’s good work. Keep it up. Because I want to see not only my countries work but the western art also. " Manuel

"Love the modern art that you wanted us to explore, I want to see more, hopefully next time we come there will be lot and lots of more modern art to explore!! " Tigit

"Wow! It's fabulous keep on going and do some great job. Amazing!" M.

"It's remarkable and beyond what is usual. I and the team came with me have really touched by all things we have visited. It striken our heart and hope will push us one step to think about what we will do best for humanity and the world at large. Thank you for allowing us to come and visit this wonderful work. Thank you our guide (Mulugeta)." From hope Ethiopia

"Wow what a great Art! It is amazing when we use Art to teach and change the world that is how I find the exhibition, it is inspiring, keep spreading the world and advertise art promote the event so that a lot of people can witness." Atosic

"Sustainability issues are not yet digested in our country. So involving the art in transporting the message ist he powerful media. So keep on doing." Samuel

"It was so impressing and wonderful. It is also a good lesson for the coming generations and it must be con-tinued. " Mileker

Exhibition venues:
Goethe-Institut and Modern Art Museum/Gebre Kristos Desta Center
4th of May - 25th of May 2012

Curated by Adrienne Goehler, Berlin, expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability demonstrate artistic practices that contribute to the preservation of the planet, intend to influence conscious consumer behavior and be economically efficient. More than 40 artistic positions in which the boundaries between art, activism and inventions dissolve and the experiences and methods of environmental initiatives interconnect with artistic approaches are part of the exhibition that premiered in Berlin in 2010 and since then is touring internationally. In Addis Ababa, a selection of these German and international artistic expeditions are shown in dialogue with Ethiopian positions. Organized jointly by the Goethe-Institut and the Heinrich-Boell-Foundation in Addis Ababa in cooperation with the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Supported by the German Embassy in Addis Ababa. Every day except Mondays from 10am to 5pm until 24 May 2012.

Ravi Agarwal (India)
Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla (USA | Cuba)
Néle Azevedo (Brazil)
Joseph Beuys (Germany)
Richard Box (GB)
Ines Doujak (Austria)
Olafur Eliasson (Danmark)
Galerie für Landschaftskunst (Germany)
Dionisio González (Spain)
Hermann Josef Hack (Germany)
Cornelia Hesse-Honegger (Switzerland)
Tesfahun Kibru (Ethiopia)
Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser (Deutschland)
Christian Kuhtz (Germany)
Till Leeser (Germany)
Rudolf zur Lippe (Germany)
Renzo Martens (Netherlands)
Manish Nai (India)
Nana Petzet (Germany)
Dodi Reifenberg (Israel | Germany)
Ursula Schulz-Dornburg (Germany)
Gudrun F. Widlok (Germany)
Zwischenbericht (Germany)
and Mulugeta Gebrekidan (Ethiopia)
Helen Zeru (Ethiopia)

Fringe Events

A project by the Goethe-Institut and the Heinrich Boell Foundation in Addis Ababa in cooperation with the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Supported by the German Embassy in Addis Ababa.

Fri, 4 May, 5:00pm
Guided Tour
Please join us for a guided public tour of the exhibition and engage with curator Adrienne Goehler in a discussion about its concept and works. In English.

Tue, 8 May, 7:00pm
Film Screening and Presentation: “Urban Change / Recycling”
Addis Ababa is undergoing rapid urban change. 3 short documentaries produced by the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (EiABC) trace how some of these changes influence informal areas, newly emerging condominiums, micro-economies and the recycling centers (Minalesh Terra): “Disappearing Spaces” (13 min.), “Emerging Spaces” (15 min.) and “Supporting Spaces” (14 min.). In Amharic with English subtitles. Bisrat Kifle, Architect/Planner and Lecturer at EiABC, the co-producer of the movies, will be present for further discussion. In addition, German artist Nana Petzet with Ethiopian artists Tesfahun Kibru and Helen Zeru present their “research” about recycling processes in Addis Ababa. Followed by discussion.

Wed, 9 May, 7:00pm
Film Screening with Discussion: “Adopted”
The art project „Adopted“ by Gudrun F. Widlok (documentary film, 2010, 89min) plays with the dominant perception that the rich West gives something to the needy South. The usual game of excess and lack is reversed: Adult European, who are detached from their families, are given godparents in Africa. Initially thought up as artistic fiction, the project turned into reality due to high demand: To this day, more than 150 Europeans have been brought together with families in Ghana.

Thu, 10 May, 10:00am
“The importance of Biodiversity”
Lecture by Dr. Algenesh, Institute of Biodiversity Conservation (IBC)
The planet’s rich diversity of plant and animal life is increasingly threatened. The reasons are not only the expansion of human settlements and pollution, but can also be found in modern agriculture: A small number of commercial, often genetically modified seeds are replacing hundreds of varieties that have adapted to local environments. However, biodiversity is a necessity for future adaption in the context of new challenges, including climate change.

Tue, 15 May, 7:00pm
Film Screening with Discussion: “The Yes Men Fix The World”
‘The Yes Men’ are Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos, aka Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonnano. From their office in Milwaukee they have spent the last few years using subversion to try and shake up the world, or at least the USA, and become the bogeymen of big business and its machinations. For the project “The Yes Men Fix the World”, the duo produced a special edition of the New York Times containing only good news. The film presents the project and public reaction to it. Moderated by Alemayehu Seife-Selassie, Media Division Head Proworks Multimedia.

Thu, 17 May, 10:00am
“Protecting Ethiopia against Biopiracy”
Lecture by Dr. Gemedo Dalle, Institute of Biodiversity Conservation (IBC)
Ethiopia is one of the global hotspots of biodiversity: in a comparatively small space, it hosts a huge variety of plant and animal life. Many of these plants are of commercial value, for example for the production of medicines. As the products are often developed in high-tech laboratories, countries of origin like Ethiopia are at risk to lose out on the benefits.

Thu, 17 May, 7:00pm
Film Premiere: The Little Investigators Research Climate Change
Two new episodes of the TV series “The Little Investigators” produced by Whizkids Workshop tackle the issue of climate change in Ethiopia. Scientifically sound and attractively presented, the episodes explain the link between CO2-emissions and environmental change to young Ethiopians aged 12 to 17. In Amharic with English subtitles. A project of the Goethe-Institut and Whizkids Workshop financed by the Climate Fund 2011 of the German Embassy in Addis Ababa.

All events take place at the Goethe-Institut, are free of charge and open to the public.


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